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How to move a piano: The number of steps involved can be overwhelming for someone not used to moving homes. Many local movers are available to take care of your needs. Contacting local movers is the best way to learn more about the moving services offered and rates. Piano moving prices vary by distance and location. Local movers cost from $100 to more than $400 for an average local move.

For an over 100 mile move, pianos weight anywhere from 500 pounds to over 100 tons and usually move between 1,500 and 5,500 pounds. To move a piano over 100 miles, it is usually only $300. It is also important to know that certain types of pianos are heavy and cannot be moved by local movers. These include grand pianos, grand piano sliding doors, and wingback and scalloped grand piano. Be sure to discuss these details with your local movers.

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Professional piano movers are experienced in transporting pianos and can advise you on the best way to move your piano. Most professional moving companies have a warehouse where they store your piano when they ship it to you. Other options are to hire a professional piano moving company and ask them to pick up your piano at your home, load it on a truck, drive it to your new home and stack it there. A professional piano mover will have all the proper equipment to move your piano safely.

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Other considerations when hiring local piano moving services include the type of trucks they use and whether or not they charge an hourly rate. For long distance piano movers, it is best to choose a local service that charges an hourly rate since this is the most cost-effective method. One reason for charging an hourly rate is because they use special dollies that extend beneath the piano, and this requires special tools. Pianists are not concerned with the details; they just need the piano moved quickly.

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In addition to cost, there is also a different way to think about moving your piano. Long distance piano moving services often offer two services: a flat rate and an hourly rate. If you are working with a local moving company, the local movers will be able to help you determine which moving method is best for you. Long distance movers may charge more because of the additional time and effort involved in moving your piano. However, professionals will make every attempt to minimize your impact on the floor and your belongings by doing a quality job.

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Before hiring a professional, ask if they charge an extra fee for removing and storing your piano during the move. Many pros can remove and store your instrument anywhere in the country, but charging an extra fee for this service is pretty standard. Pros can also provide assistance in determining the correct steps to take to ensure the safest move possible. You can expect your pros to charge an extra fee for removing and storing the instrument, as well as the additional fee for having it shipped to them.

Best Piano Movers in Wedgefield, Florida

Before the move, ask how long it will take to transport your instrument to your new home. There are pros who specialize in short moves; however, you want to make sure that your musical instrument will not be damaged during the move. It would be helpful if your pianos were covered during transport so that nothing happened to it while being transported. Ask for a written estimate before the move and make sure that you will receive the instrument on the same day that it is delivered.

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Long distance piano movers can provide an extra service like crating your instrument. Some professional services offer crating services free of charge, while others charge an hourly rate. The cost for crating services varies from one company to another, so it’s best to contact several companies and compare the cost. Crating services can help you save money if you are planning to store your piano at home, since most crating services ship your piano to you for free.

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