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The piano is an expensive piece of musical equipment to buy and move. When you are buying a piano, you will want to get it moving as fast as possible. The longer a piano is in your home, the more it’s worth. A good moving company can move it for you and keep it in good condition during the move. Find out some important details about piano moving prices so that you know where to look when you are shopping.

Cost of Moving – Local movers are likely to quote a flat rate for moving an upright piano across town. The average local piano moving price is around $80 per mile for two people. If hiring three people for this move, the cost rises to about $120 per mile. A move of this size will take longer than most people expect. For this reason, many people find it cheaper to hire professional movers to do the move for them. Most upright piano movers offer a minimum of three hours of free moving time, so be sure to ask about this when you are quoted.

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Additional Costs – It’s likely that you will need additional equipment to transport your piano to your new home. If you decide to go with a local piano moving company, they will likely provide you with a free estimate for all the items that you will need to transport. They will probably also include the cost for a box and tape to cover the lid. Again, if you choose to DIY move your upright, I recommend hiring a professional moving company to ensure that everything is moved properly.

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Other costs – It’s likely that you will incur other costs when you move your upright piano. These include any hardware stores that you may have to visit to purchase pieces such as the moving arm or putty. The cost for using movers with professional experience will also likely include the cost for transporting your piano to your new home. If you decide to DIY your move, make sure you research all costs so that you don’t end up paying more than necessary.

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How long does it take to move? – It depends on how large the moving piano is and how long you can spend unloading it. It’s generally advisable to hire moving professionals because they are experienced movers and skilled at moving large items. However, hiring a piano moving company isn’t always necessary. In some situations, it may be quicker or cheaper to move your piano yourself. Before you make your move, you should check if your local movers have the equipment and training required to move your piano.

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Is it complicated to move pianos? – It’s not necessarily difficult to move pianos, but it does require proper care and safety. The average person can generally move small pianos with arms. However, it’s important to note that most professional piano movers recommend that you move the pianos using careful consideration, utmost care, and utmost patience. In some cases, moving a piano by yourself may be a better choice because of the difficulty level associated with moving pianos.

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Can I move my piano by myself? – It’s not impossible to move a piano on your own. However, it’s not something most people want to do without expert help. Professional piano movers are specially trained to move pianos and they know how to move each piano safely and securely. Although you may be able to move the piano on your own for short distances, you should only attempt to move the piano to moderate distances, especially if it’s a large piano.

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Is moving my piano in a climate-controlled environment safe? – When moving an instrument in a controlled environment like a store, warehouse, or another climate-controlled place, it is safer to move the instrument on your own. But if the piano is large and unwieldy, or if there isn’t anyone who can help you move the instrument, then you may want to consider having a professional mover to perform the move. There are many companies that offer professional, one-stop piano service, and moving professionals will know how to pack your instrument safely to ensure the best possible transfer.

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