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“How much does it cost to move my piano?” This is a frequently asked question among people who are planning to move their pianos from one place to another. That’s right, you need to learn the answer to this riddle first so you can put your moving budget into right order. But before you read on the average cost to move a piano across the town, let us focus on a few factors which will significantly affect the moving cost to a new place.

One of the most important factors that need to be taken into account is the kind of material your piano is made of. For instance, if you have chosen a piano to move you might need special equipment to move it. There are different kinds of tools available to move a piano and the local moving company should have them on hand. Otherwise, you can ask your piano mover to use your old furniture pieces as raw materials in the move.

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Now that we are aware of some of the costs associated with moving pianos, let us focus on some of the other factors that can greatly affect the total moving costs. For instance, how long do you plan to keep your musical instrument? If you plan to leave it for quite some time, then you should calculate the exact number of pounds your instrument weighs. Then, compare it with the local moving prices to find out how much it would cost to move pianos weighing in between ten and twenty pounds.

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Now if you are going to move your piano more than fifteen miles, it will be wise to contact a professional piano mover and get a quote from them. The good thing about contacting a local moving company is that they are usually very good at estimating prices for moving pianos. In addition, since they have experience in moving pianos, they will also be able to give you advice about the fastest and safest way to move your instrument. Therefore, it pays to get in touch with a local piano mover to discuss your options.

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You may also want to consider the average price per pound for moving pianos. Calculating the average cost of moving a piano by weight will give you an idea about how much it will cost overall. The average cost is not the same thing that you should base your decision on though because there are many other things to consider. For example, a piano that is four pounds is going to cost more to move than a piano that weighing two or three pounds. Therefore, your overall piano moving cost may be determined by the average cost and the variables mentioned above.

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If you are planning to move pianos by yourself, you will have to purchase special dolly equipment. The dolly that you will use to transport your instrument is called a piano dolly and it can be purchased online for less than $100. A quality dolly will be made from heavy-duty plastic and designed specifically for moving pianos.

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It is important that you do not try to move your piano very far when you are moving it across town. A good rule of thumb is that you should not move your piano more than 100 miles in a single trip. Most piano movers will advise you to try to keep the distance between your home and new home as short as possible. Keep in mind that moving a piano very far away from your new home can negatively affect its condition. Therefore, you should take some time to carefully plan the distance that your piano will travel.

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Regardless of how you decide to move your upright or grand piano, be sure to carefully choose a moving company that has plenty of experience moving both types. It is imperative that the piano movers that you contact are experienced and capable of moving either type of musical instrument safely. Your safety is paramount and you can rest assured that if you ask questions about the process, someone will be more than willing to assist you and make the move a pleasant one for you. The longer that you are able to keep your upright or grand piano in your home, the more fondly you will end up spending it. So, whether you are just getting rid of an old upright or a new grand, remember to ask about moving services so that your instrument stays in the best condition possible.

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