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Piano moving is often stressful and time consuming. The longer the distance the more complex the move will be. The longer the distance the more expensive the piano will be. If you plan on moving your piano long distances then it is best to hire a local piano mover to move it for you. There are several factors that must be considered when moving a piano long distances.

The most important factor is how heavy the upright piano is. You will have to calculate how much weight your belongings will need to be moved. The average weight of a moving truck is 18 tons, which is heavy enough to move your piano. The cost of piano moving is approximately $80 per hour with a two truck move or up to a thousand square feet of space moving.

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The type of instrument and its value will also need to be considered. It is important to know if the move will require you to rent a moving van. Most local movers will offer this service as they have the tools and equipment to move your instrument safely. When considering the cost, it is important to include all the materials and equipment that will be needed. Many piano moving companies will include all hardware and supplies needed to move your instrument.

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Some local piano moving companies will offer to send someone out to evaluate the instrument before the move. This makes things easier on the movers and can potentially save you money. A trained technician can weigh the instrument for you and make sure it is not damaged. They can also check to see if the wood has been treated to protect it from moisture damage. In addition they will check to make sure the frame has been replaced.

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Local movers will be able to tell you the total weight of your piano in both pieces – including the lid. Many pianos do not come with padded cases so it is important to know how much weight each piece can support. If you are moving your piano by lifting it, make sure you have someone hand it over to avoid any accidents. For safety reasons, use a dolly to transport your piano and never leave your arms down to lift or push. You should also avoid moving the instrument by stacking the piano legs higher than the top.

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Additional charges may be assessed for crating your piano when you are moving it long distances. Many local movers can give you an approximate estimate based on your locations. These are standard long distance estimates and can range from two to four hours per piece. This will depend on the size, make, and quality of the piece.

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One of the main reasons people choose to crate their pianos is to reduce their piano moving cost. The other main reason is to help prevent further damage to the instrument by not allowing it to become damaged in bad weather. There are two ways you can protect your instrument – by crating it or by staircases. For longer trips, consider crating your piano in your car trunk and using long drapes and car doorways. This will help keep your piano in good condition and will add additional protection to your instrument in case of bad weather or staircases.

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It is recommended that you hire professional stairway cleaners to remove any dirt, dust, and debris from your long flights of stairs. Professional movers will be able to remove dirt, dust, and debris from staircases as well as provide tips on how to safely maintain your stairs. For smaller areas, consider crating your piano on a piano board that will allow you to store it in the upright position. A good quality piano board will also protect your instrument from damage and long term.

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