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Moving your piano requires special care and attention. Your local piano movers will need to know the size and shape of your piano as well as the moving radius of your home. You will also need to provide information on how to move a piano and the equipment needed. There are several different ways to move a piano. Here is a brief look at the various methods:

Long Distance -If you have purchased an expensive instrument and want to move it relatively inexpensively, you might want to consider a professional piano moving service. Professional movers will remove the instrument from your home and store it securely until you arrange to pick it up. They will then transport it in an enclosed, climate controlled vehicle. The price for this service depends on the distance the instrument needs to be moved and the type and age of the instrument. Contact a local piano moving company to learn more about long distance moving options.

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Short Distance – If you have pianos in the family you may feel uncomfortable if someone other than your children move them. If you decide to hire a piano moving company to move your piano, make sure they are experienced with moving pianos and know the proper steps for each scenario. Make sure you ask your piano moving company how long it will take to move your piano’s and how much they charge for the service. Move your piano on your own, if at all possible. Hire a professional piano mover if the thought of moving the musical instrument alone makes you nervous.

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Upright Lifts – If you have upright pianos, it is much easier to move them yourself. Most upright piano movers offer services for move in, move out and of your upright piano. Ask your piano moving company how long it will take to move the upright and what services they offer for the move. Find out if they use regular carpet tape to cover the lid to prevent scratches. Find out how many inches of carpet are covered by each sheet of carpeting and how heavy the piano will be. Move the piano according to recommendations.

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Cylinder Lifts – It is best to hire a professional piano moving equipment if you have an older grand piano. The move can be difficult and expensive if you attempt to move a cylinder lift on your own. Cylinder lifts are typically powered by electricity and require expert assistance. This kind of equipment is generally only available from reputable movers. Cylinder lifts are available in many different styles and models to fit most types of furniture.

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Hallways and Bedrooms – Many people consider their bedrooms to be a private space where they relax and can get away from the distractions of their everyday lives. If you have a grand piano, it is even more important to make sure the moving and space for the piano is off of living areas and hallwayways. If the piano lid is secured, the door will need to be propped open with a small crane or dolly so that it can be moved easily. Professional movers can offer specialized moves for pianos in need of special attention. Make sure that the movers you choose to keep a very close eye on the move to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Best Piano Movers in Pine Hills, Florida

Climate-Controlled – If your piano gets damaged during transport or in its new location, it may be wise to find a local moving company that provides climate-controlled. Find out what the moving company’s policies are before hiring them. Most companies will inspect your instrument safely to ensure that it gets the proper transport and protection. When your instrument gets damaged, there is no way to restore it to its original condition. However, it can be difficult and expensive to store an instrument indoors in a climate-controlled environment.

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Calculate Your Move Together – If you are going to hire professionals for the relocation of your piano, it is critical to work with them in an organized and systematic fashion. First, ask your moving company how much crating will be required. Then, find out the average distance movers charge on the same day. This is the best way to estimate moving costs because average distance rates are based on peak hours of operations. Also, do not forget to check prices from different local movers to see which companies offer the best service packages and rates.

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