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Whether you’re moving your upright piano across town or across the country, the process can be intimidating. But, once you understand the basics and practice moving it by yourself, you’ll have no problem. This article describes the three steps you need to take in order to move a piano. This information will help you decide how to move a piano whether it is long distance or short. You’ll also have full understanding of the local laws before moving your instrument so that you know what to expect.

Local Piano Mover Cost. The cost varies depending on a few factors. Local movers will charge more than an international mover. They have access to the parts and labor necessary to move a heavy piano. They also have experience moving Musical Instruments such as pianos. Also, local movers have relationships with local piano dealers.

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Long Distance Piano Moves. Long distance piano moving is typically handled by a professional moving company. If you have an upright piano, a moving company will come and transport it. It’s best to rent a piano dolly and call the movers. It may save you money.

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One important piece of advice – if you have an older upright piano it’s best to let the professional piano movers to do the move. This is because certain older pianos are not equipped with enough padding to protect your piano moving pieces from the bottom of the truck. That can ruin your entire piano move experience. And, your expensive piano may get damaged

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Many moving companies charge different prices for flat rate or hourly rates. Flat rate is the price that the mover will charge for the whole move. The flat rate usually includes all of the moving supplies. Some moving pianos are small and cannot be moved on a flat rate basis.

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When renting a piano for a long distance move, it’s a good idea to let the piano movers know exactly how much you’re willing to spend on the move. This way you’ll know in advance how much to budget. If your budget is too tight, you’ll want to find a piano moving company that offers a rental flat rate. They should have a dedicated piano mover with musical expertise who can do the move correctly and safely.

Best Piano Movers in Pine Castle, Florida

Hourly Rates. The best piano movers in my experience are those who charge a flat rate hourly rate. This allows them to charge an hourly rate that covers all of the moving supplies as well as labour. It also makes it easy for people who need to move on short notice because they don’t have to worry about a limit on how many miles they can cover per hour. If you decide to hire local movers, be sure to check their hourly rates before you hire them.

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Do I Still Have To Pay For Insurance? Insurance is important no matter how you transport your musical instrument. Even if the movers are insured, they may not be insured against damage due to water, fire or theft. It’s a good idea to put any fragile items in a safe place during your move and to purchase insurance while you are storing your piano at your new home. If your instrument is damaged during storage, you’ll be glad you took the time to purchase insurance.

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