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How to move a piano: moving a piano can often seem like the impossible task that it is. Pianos are large, awkward pieces of furniture. They are heavy and hard to move. But what if you had the proper tools?

Long distance piano movers offer services that can make moving a piano a much easier task. Local moving companies charge from the high, with hourly rates as high as eight dollars and up. Long distance piano movers, on the other hand, charge much less at an even lower hourly rate.

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Local moving companies charge by the mile. This means that for one hour of moving, you might be charged ten dollars. That’s because local movers drive their trucks and SUVs down the street to the new location, rather than relying on larger trucks that cost more to move. If you have a moving deadline, this is a great way to go about it. You can move your piano across town, in one fell swoop, without spending an arm and a leg!

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Movers who use climate-controlled trucks will help move your piano in a completely different way. Climate-controlled trucks (often referred to as flatbeds) are equipped with high-tech equipment that keeps all internal parts cool during transport. This allows movers to transport pianos even when there’s a lot of humidity in the air and in the surrounding environment. Some flatbeds even incorporate a humidist in case moisture is present. These units can vary in size, but will generally provide ample space to move the instrument comfortably during transport.

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For larger and heavier pieces, like upright pianos or spinets, the transport company will use special rollers to lift them into the truck. The rollers will likely be made out of steel to prevent damage during transportation. Then, the heavy object will be placed inside a specially designed wooden or aluminum case, which will protect it from being damaged during transport. The case will also weigh several pounds, so that the piano will feel much lighter once it’s in the truck.

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Any time you move an extremely heavy object, you need to factor in additional costs associated with crating it. However, you don’t have to pay very much extra for crating, assuming that you’ve done your homework and are getting the best deal possible. Companies like The International Piano Mover are able to move your piano at competitive prices since they save on long-term overhead costs. They don’t have to maintain large trailers, they don’t need to hire long-distance drivers, and they don’t have to pay overtime or taxes. If you’re paying other moving companies to move your piano or another expensive piece of furniture, you’re likely losing out on even more. Professional piano movers will be able to provide you with a fair quote that takes all the variables into account, including your budget.

Best Piano Movers in Paradise Heights, Florida

When it comes to your piano’s dimensions, there are many different options to consider. You’ll need to determine the exact square footage that your piano will occupy. You can do this by either subtracting the Piano Placement Devices (like the padded music stand) from the gland’s size or by estimating the diagonal distance between your instrument and the nearest upright. Then multiply those two numbers to get the approximate size of your new instrument in inches.

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There are always questions that you’ll want to make sure you answer when you’re crating your piano. One of the most frequently asked questions involves how long the process will take. The simple answer is that it depends upon how big your instrument is. Always remember to ask the moving company how long their dollies are going to be so that you can make sure that they are capable of moving your instrument safely.

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