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Moving a piano is not an easy task. Especially, if the piano is of Class G or above and weighs more than four hundred pounds. There are some simple ways to minimize the costs associated with moving a piano. Local movers offer moving services within the city limits only. The rates they charge depends upon the local rate for delivery charges and non-refundable deductions. However local movers do not provide wheel chair lifts.

Long Distance Piano Mover Rates: Long distance movers offer moving jobs at a slightly higher rate than local moving companies. They charge approximately one hundred dollars for up to two hours of loading and unloading the grands. These prices are based upon local conditions. Charges also include additional charges for the removal of the piano’s accessories like the cases, piano keys and the like.

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It is important to know that the safest way of moving a piano is by hiring professional piano movers. Local moving companies use small vans to transport pianos; however, these vans are ill equipped to safely move the grand. Professionals utilize special equipment to move the grand safely and securely. They use special dollies and blocks to securely position the piano inside the van. For large and heavy moving jobs the professionals use special dollies that minimize the chance of damaging or scratching the instrument.

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The long-distance piano movers offer various services to meet the moving needs of different clients. They provide services for the instrument when it is not being moved. They also provide secure during the entire move. Reputable local movers charge differently depending on the size, weight and structure of the instrument. Many local piano movers also provide insurance coverage for the instruments they move.

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Another thing that makes professional moving company preferred over other moving companies is their ability to conduct the move in a timely fashion. If the move is not done properly the client may encounter more damages. Professionals carefully evaluate every aspect of the move and handle each detail accordingly.

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The process of moving a piano is a time-consuming task. Many people hire the services of movers in New York, because they know that hiring professional movers provides convenience and saves them money. Professionally trained piano moving companies are specialized in the process and they know how to move the piano with minimal damage. Many people also hire local moving companies to help with the moving process since they don’t have the necessary experience.

Best Piano Movers in Oviedo, Florida

Professionals know how to pack the instrument so there will be no damage when the instrument is finally unpacked. Professionals are very careful to pack the piano so there will be no long lasting damages such as splintering. Many long term clients of piano moving in New York recommend hiring professionals so they can be sure the move will go smoothly and without any damages. Some clients find it better to move the instrument themselves to minimize the possibility of any long-term damages.

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One factor that many people fail to consider is the humidity in the new location. Moisture is very important to a piano and if there isn’t enough moisture in the instrument it could result in warping. The pros of hiring professionals include the fact that there is someone who knows how to monitor the humidity and can remedy the situation immediately. Professionals are also familiar with the proper steps to take if there is too much humidity in the new location.

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