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You have made the decision to move your piano, now what? How much of a headache is going to be involved in getting it from one place to another? Is there any way I can cut down on the moving expenses and get this move over with sooner than I need to? How do I keep my new toy from getting damaged in the process? Read on to find some answers to these questions and more!

How Long Do I Have to Move a Piano? Local piano moving prices range from around $100 to over $1000. Long distance piano moving prices range from around 400 to over 2K. To figure out what your piano would be worth at this time, contact a local piano moving company.

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Do I Have to Remanit My Piano Board? Yes. A piano moving mover will bring a brand new piano board to move your piano from one home to the next. If you own a grand piano you may not have to. But if you have an upright piano, a standard or even a reproduction piano you will need to. Your new piano board will be specially made to fit your piano and will need to be nailed into place securely.

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Can I Just Use a Pinch Hose? Yes. Although many people think they can just use a standard wire dolly, they are wrong. Not only do pinch hoses break easily but they don’t provide the kind of support you will need to make the move easy and smooth. A reputable piano moving equipment supplier will have special dolly pianos that allow you to strap the piano board in place and make the move that much smoother.

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How is the Piano Moving Cost figured out? The average price for moving a piano will depend on how large it is and how many miles you want to cover. The average cost will also include a rental truck and driver.

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Will My Piano Need Careful During the Move? Not always. Some pianos may need to be put in a climate controlled facility that has climate control. Other pianos may need to be stored in dusty attics. Before you start the move you should figure out if you will need to secure your piano in one specific place so it doesn’t loose during the move.

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How Long Will the Move Take? This is an often overlooked factor when determining your moving cost. Moving a large instrument such as a piano can take anywhere from two to three weeks depending on the distance, the instrument has to travel. If you are only moving it a few blocks away then you can probably get by with just a little extra expense.

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How heavy is the Piano? Ask your piano moving company if they can offer you a special package. Many companies will come to your home and estimate the weight of your instrument before removing it from your home. A good moving company will weigh your piano and come up with an estimate based on the weight of the instrument as well as the distance it must go to get to the new home.

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