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If you have a NYC piano, wish to transport it across the country or overseas, wish to rent or buy a piano in New York, please contact local piano mover specialists in New York and ask about long distance piano moving services. Enjoy a stress-free moving experience while enjoying affordable flat-rate rental fees along with a wide variety of professional moving options to choose from. How to move a piano across the country or overseas? Contact local piano movers today! Read on for some important tips on long distance moving of pianos.

Weight and Size: It is common knowledge that pianos are not small instruments. They are very heavy and can damage the walls if not transported properly. Long distance movers are prepared to move your heavy piano up to 1500 pounds (usually) with the use of heavy trucks and dollies. They are aware that pianos are fragile and require special care during moving. They also have the tools and expertise to move pianos safely and securely.

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Length of Stay: Moving a piano requires complete consideration for its safe arrival at the new location. The length of time you will be in the new house/building and the route of movement should be carefully considered. The safest and easiest way of transporting your musical instrument would be on a flatbed truck. However, if your piano board needs to stay in one place for a long period of time, you may need professional help to transport it safely.

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Extra Enclosures: When relocating pianos, you must be extra careful to avoid unnecessary packing. Your precious musical instrument is delicate. Therefore, extra precautions should be taken to prevent damage or injury to your precious property. Extra cushions and padded instruments should be kept in order to avoid the possibility of the cushions or padding being shifted and causing damage to other items.

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Move Insulation: Moving your instrument in a dry and cool environment makes it more stable and safe. Moreover, if you live in a humid area, you must use the right type of insulation to protect your instrument from humidity. Different types of insulation available include polystyrene, bubble wrap and cold packs. Moisture can damage your piano. Therefore, the experts advise that you should only move the instrument in a dry and non-humid environment.

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Type of Wheels and Carriage: For long distance move, the experts recommend that you should choose a move vehicle with a flat bed and three wheels in order to prevent the possibility of tailoring and lifting. A piano that is being transported in this manner is classified as an upright (also known as European upright) or recumbent (recreational upright). The length of the vehicle and its capacity to accommodate the instrument both depend on the weight of the instrument and its size.

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Portable and Robotic Movers: For short distance moves, most piano movers prefer using heavy duty industrial-type dollies that are made from polyethylene and industrial rubber. The dollies are attached to the dolly tracks by a system of clamps and counterweight. Special trucks are also used to transport pianos and towing methods depend on the type of piano. For larger pianos and museums, expert movers prefer to use dollies, which are supported by steel frames.

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Stairlift Services: The experts advise that professional stairlifts should be avoided if possible as they could cause damage to the fragile keyboard and action of your piano. They also advise against climbing stairs when you are moving the piano indoors. However, if you have access to stairs, you can use them to transfer the piano inside or to transfer it outside. Stairs are usually slippery so care should be taken while walking on them with a piano mover. For best results, the stairs should be completely cleared before moving the piano on them. If this is not possible, the piano mover should be able to manage the stairs for you.

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