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The cost of moving your piano depends on the type and size of your instrument. The local moving companies have professional movers who are experienced with moving pianos. Long distance piano movers will quote an hourly rate that will include all materials and labour costs. In most cases, a local moving company will pick up your instrument on the day and bring it back to you the next day.

The average local piano moving price ranges from sixty to 130 dollars per hour. A single upright piano can typically be moved for an individual for a cost of around $60, while a grand piano weights anywhere from 500kg to 1,100kg. Long distance movers charge extra for larger pianos because they have to be shipped and disassembled at a greater weight. If you don’t mind a small break down in the middle of the journey then you might consider moving your instrument by a local piano mover. The local movers charge less because they do not need to break down and reassemble the instrument as many times during the move.

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How to move a piano across town? To move a piano across town, you will need professional piano moving service. Most piano movers will provide a quote for moving the instrument. This price includes the transport costs. Freight costs can vary depending on the distance and weight of your instrument. A professional piano mover can calculate this and provide an estimate.

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To move a piano board, you will need the following items: flat bed dolly, long jack and flat board. Long jacks can be used to lift the piano board while a flat bed dolly is used to transport the board and piano board safely on the flat bed. There are pros and cons to each method of moving. Lifting the piano board and long jacks can be a dangerous task. Long jacks are safer because the bottom of the board does not move and remains flat on the ground. The long jacks have wheels so they are easier to move than the flat board dollies.

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Piano Movers can also use special tools like a piano dolly to move the piano board safely along a staircase. The stairs pose many dangers when it comes to the piano being dropped or tripped on by someone without experience on how to move the heavy musical instrument. Many people do not know how to do this safely. The professionals have the experience and knowledge to move the piano and stairway safely, and most of them charge a nominal fee for this service.

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How do I tune my piano? Your piano may have been made to resonate a certain way. In order for the instrument to continue to sound good, you will need to tune the piano regularly. There are many pros and cons to tuning the instrument as well as the proper humidity levels when it comes to pianos and how to take care of them.

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How long does it take to move an upright piano and long-distance piano? It all depends on the type of move you are planning to make. An upright piano that weighs more than 200 pounds can usually be moved in one to three days. If the move is longer-distance, the professionals will usually move the instrument in about a week’s time.

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Do I need to re-tune my instrument every few months? There is no right answer to this question. Each moveable instrument is made to perform differently, so it is recommended that you find out which moveable item you will be using in your new home and if you plan to re-tune it before you move in.

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