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Piano Moving Cost. Local piano movers quote prices according to the service they provide. Long distance piano moving prices range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, while flat-rate prices range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the size, type, and condition of your instrument. If you have an instrument that must be transported by air, special equipment must be used to transport it, as well.

How to move a piano across town. There are a number of ways how to move a piano across town. One of the most common ways is local movers will provide professional-grade trailer services that can move your instrument from place to place with professional convenience and ease. These types of services will charge by the mile. However, if you’re not sure how long your move will take, call the local moving company before the day of your move to find out the exact time frame for your move.

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Another way how to move a piano safely is to spinets. A spinning tower is a highly portable, lightweight, and collapsible portable that provides easy and transportation. These models are designed for easy move. When you have one of these models, all you have to do is unplug the arm from the wall and set the pedestal down on your floor or couch. Then, lift up the entire pedestal to unplug it and remove the portable keyboard or spinet arm.

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How to move a piano across town with local piano moving services is also important to know about are the various charges. You’ll need to know the flat rate, which is the total rate for moving the piano from its original location to your new location, including the weight of the instrument and the distance the piano needs to be moved. Local movers will also likely charge by the hour, depending upon the distance of the local to the long distance piano moving services.

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You can further save money by choosing a local piano moving service that offers a flat rate along with a package deal. In other words, you can get just the piano and nothing else, and your flat rate won’t include the weight or distance. However, if you choose a package deal, you might be able to save money because there may be a few things included in the package that weren’t available if you purchased the instrument on your own. For instance, some companies will include piano furniture to transport the piano. Others will offer a hammer and nails set so that the move can begin sooner.

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If the local piano and move don’t offer transportation for the instrument, consider a climate-controlled facility. Climate-controlled facilities allow customers to store their instruments at stable temperatures so that damaged items can be taken care of more easily. These facilities may also have climate-controlled cabinets where instruments are stored. Some locations even have overhead climate-controlled vents that can provide the proper environment for delicate instruments. These instruments include old upright guitars and keyboard upright guitars. These instruments should not be moved more than 50 miles from their original locations.

Best Piano Movers in Hunter's Creek, Florida

Some piano experts suggest that homeowners keep their piano in an area that’s free from humidity, either inside or out. This is especially important if the piano is an acoustic rather than an electric instrument, which has a tendency to retain moisture. Humidity, which can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, can damage many types of wood over time, especially when stored outdoors, so it’s important to avoid putting your instrument anywhere near a source of humidity. Your local professionals can advise you about the humidity in your area to avoid damaging your instrument.

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There are several different ways to transport a piano or other instrument safely, but all piano movers employ experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and experience moving and storing pianos. They also employ state-of-the-art equipment to prevent damage and long term problems. You can book professional piano movers in your area by contacting a local moving company or by searching online. Make sure your instrument is packed and ready to go when you call them for a pick-up.

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