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Although you can move a piano yourself, highly recommend hiring local piano movers for an expensive piece of furniture. For an item as valuable and intricate as a piano, it’s best to leave it in the hands of the pros. You may think you can do it yourself, but movers specialize in moving pianos and know how to move them safely and efficiently. They also have the equipment and knowledge to move an upright piano with greater ease than you might be able to do alone. It’s easy to locate a local moving company that provides local piano moving service at affordable prices, and most will even include piano moving into a full home move.

Many people aren’t comfortable with the idea of having their piano moved by a nonprofessional. It sounds a bit harsh, but there are several ways in which professional movers can ensure your piano is well-protected during the move. First, they have the skill and equipment needed to lift and carry the piano onto their trailer. Professional movers know how to do this without harming the finish on your upright piano or scratching or denting the surface underneath. Without the proper equipment, a simple lifting attempt could damage some of your sensitive piano strings, or the hinges on the lid or the frame of the piano. This type of damage would require costly repairs, not to mention the inconvenience of taking your piano in to perform the final set of adjustments before driving it away.

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Another way to reduce the likelihood of damage to your piano while moving is to hire a company that provides stairs and a dolly. Stairs allow the piano to be transported up and down the stairs without damaging delicate joints or corners, and a dolly lets you move the piano comfortably along the stairs. These two moving accessories can cost significantly less than moving the upright piano up and down the stairs on your own. These two accessories can also reduce the time required to transport the piano from one location to another.

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When movers first begin to look at the different instruments that they will be moving, they will take the measurements of each section of the piano. Then they will start looking for heavy duty dollies and ramps that can securely transport the pianos up and down the stairs. They may also need special moving equipment to transport older pianos and those with delicate parts that need extra protection. All these factors are important when determining how much the total cost will be to move your instrument. You can call many moving companies to get an estimate, or you can use online resources to request quotes.

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The cost per move is an important consideration when it comes to piano moving. The weight of your grand piano can seriously affect the distance it can be driven. If you have a grand piano in your family, it may not be possible for the kids to move it alone. You may be able to arrange for someone else in your family to move your instrument, but you should still carefully consider the move. Your goal should be to move your instrument safely, and to do so inexpensively.

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It’s important to make sure that any instruments that are in your home are secure. To protect the floor and the stairways, you should place piano boards along doorways and staircases. For larger staircases, you can use heavy-duty stairway runners to make sure that the instrument is securely mounted. Piano movers will be able to give you more advice about how to secure your instruments to ensure the safety of all those in your home.

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You should consider relocating the musical instrument while it is not being moved. There is no need to stop playing when you move a piano to another location, but you should consult with the movers before you do so. Some pianos are easily damaged when they are dropped or jolted; others will have to be moved using special equipment. If the instrument is damaged, it might be more affordable to replace the instrument. In addition, your movers can give you advice about how to protect the instrument during moving.

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Remember that pianos are large and heavy. To ensure that the move goes smoothly, you should plan out how you will move each item and where you will be transporting it. A professional piano mover can make things as simple as answering your questions and helping you prepare for the move.

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