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Are you thinking about moving your piano? You’ve made the choice to entrust the future of your piano’s future in someone you trust and have chosen local movers from which to move it. Before the big day arrives, there are a few important steps you need to be aware of in order to ensure your piano will arrive in as pristine condition as possible when it’s finally ready to be transferred to its new home. These steps will help ensure that your piano will arrive safely and in one piece.

Depending on the type and age of your piano, there are a number of different methods of moving it. Depending on local laws, each method may be legal in your area. However, knowing which method is right for you can help you move with more peace of mind. There are three main types of piano moving that you should familiarize yourself with before beginning the move. They are: local movers, trucking companies, and U-hauling (moving your piano inside your garage).

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If you’re moving a very old upright piano, it’s probably best to hire movers to move it for you. Local movers are most likely going to charge more than a U-hauling company because they have access to larger, heavier, and more costly moving equipment. However, if you have a moving cost and do not need the U-hauled piece of furniture returned to your home, local movers may be your best option. A local move can be less time consuming than long-distance moves, and you’ll also be assured that the piece of furniture is being moved properly according to local codes.

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There are grand pianos and grands that weight anywhere from seventy to one hundred pounds. Grands can weigh anywhere from one hundred to three hundred pounds. This all depends on the size and make of the grand piano and the condition it’s in. Upright grands can weigh anywhere from thirty to forty pounds. Most upright piano movers will move both grand pianos and grands; however, be on the lookout for special attention to grands that are over one hundred pounds.

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If your piano is over one hundred pounds, it’s probably best to hire a piano moving company for the move. A long distance moving company will require you to pay them a fee, but it will be much cheaper than moving it on your own. Also, a local piano mover will be familiar with the local laws and requirements about moving pianos. They know how to fill out the proper forms and will take care of all the specifics of moving your piano in accordance to local regulations.

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If you’re unsure about how long you should store your piano, ask your piano moving company about the safest place for it. Your movers will bring a packing cart with wheels and will use it to transport your piano through all of the steps of the storage process. They’ll cover your piano at the beginning of the move to protect it from dust, moisture, and bugs. Then, they’ll use criss-cross wooden boards to cover the top and sides. After that, your movers will close up the cart and move it to the truck where they’ll unload it and assemble it again. It takes about three hours for piano movers to load and move a grand piano, so plan on spending at least three hours to move it.

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Once the piano has been moved, it must be brought back across town before it’s ready to be delivered to your new home. If your piano was left in your current home, you can bring it across town on the day of your move. Otherwise, you need to wrap it up in a large blanket, put it in a storage unit, and deliver it the same day you bring your other belongings to your new home. Your movers will have detailed instructions for how to do this. Ask your piano movers, how long it will take to deliver the piano if you have a few specific days in mind.

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Piano movers will carefully pack your piano in a climate-controlled storage area. Movers will only use specially designed piano storage boxes and have them strategically placed throughout your home to avoid damage or accidents. They’ll even use padded cases to store delicate items such as violin benches. The specially designed piano cases are climate controlled to keep your prized possessions safe from humidity or extreme temperatures.

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