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Heavy furniture is dangerous and can be difficult to move on your own. If you have heavy furniture you should seriously consider hiring professionals. The people that are best suited for moving furniture like this are people that have experience moving it. There are some things you should know before hiring someone to help you move your furniture.

Make sure that the company that you choose has experience moving furniture like yours. Remember that moving heavy furniture on your own does not mean that you aren’t actually entirely on your own, only that you probably don’t have expert movers assisting you. One individual won’t be able to lift a sofa or full sized bed, or transport a moving truck over the sliders and turns. Heavy furniture is delicate and requires special care when moving them.

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Moving heavy furniture requires the proper tools. You will need at minimum two people to lift heavy furniture, and an additional vehicle to move it if you don’t want to use ladders. Ladders are dangerous, especially if the ground is wet or icy. Ask questions about the quality of the ladders being used before hiring a moving truck to move your furniture.

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Ask questions about the company’s policy regarding sliders and how far they will go to ensure your satisfaction. Many moving companies will place a white sliding bar across the bottom of a staircase to help you slide safely. The depth of the distance from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the stairs varies greatly. It is important that you ask the movers about the distance between the bottom of the stairs to the top of the stairs when asking about their policy regarding sliders. Many movers do not place a bar across the bottom of a staircase, and will instead provide a thin line of metal across the bottom of your stairs so that you can slide safely along them. To avoid injury, make sure that all of the sliders are properly secured in place.

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The thickness of the metal across the bottom of the stairs should be adequate to prevent your heavy furniture from tipping. If there is not enough width between the bottom of your stairs and the bottom of the truck, you may want to consider adjusting the spacing between them. This will allow you to fit more heavy furniture into the space given and will also make sure that it does not shift unexpectedly as you drive forward. If you want to fit a larger number of chairs or settees into the space given, then make sure that the truck can accommodate them.

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Most movers specialize in moving large furniture, including large antique pieces. If you are moving large furniture on a dolly, you may find that you need to work with a dolly company for safety reasons. A dolly is a truck that has a flat bed on one side and is equipped with moving arms, which you use to lift the furniture onto the dolly. Dolly companies have experienced dolly drivers who know how to lift your furniture safely and securely onto the dolly, and many provide a free estimate for lifting your furniture. If you do not have experience with moving large furniture on a dolly, you may want to consider contracting the services of a professional mover to move your furniture for you.

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As you are packing your heavy furniture on a truck, you should know that heavy furniture is typically quite difficult to move because it tends to take up a lot of room. If you are using packing tape to tape up the box springs and sturdy desks and cabinets, you will find that it is very difficult to push the heavier objects out without creating a strain in the back of your neck or shoulders. You may end up spilling drinks and other liquids on the packed-up tape, and this could potentially result in serious injury. Instead of using packing tape, you may want to purchase a cordless Paint Brush Mattress Pouch instead. The cordless mattress pad is designed to be more durable than packing tape, and it has soft foam inside so that the tape does not get pressed down, which makes it safer to handle.

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In some cases, you may find that there are no movers available to help you move your heavy furniture by yourself. If this occurs to you, there are several ways that you can help yourself move the heavy furniture. You can use dollies, which you can purchase or rent at a moving supply company, and you can also make use of moving straps. Moving straps have been designed especially for people who have trouble maneuvering large items, and they work perfectly for getting items in and out of a truck or SUV. Just make sure that the straps can fit securely around your truck without creating any problems, as these moving straps are not recommended for trucks with tilting lids. Another option that you can use when you are trying to move heavy furniture on your own is an extension ladder, which is just like a regular ladder except that it is made to accommodate larger loads.

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