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When it comes to moving heavy furniture, there are a few important tips that you can follow to make sure everything goes smoothly. Heavy furniture makes a huge mess and will take up a lot of room. You want to start planning for this move as soon as possible to minimize the time spent moving everything, plus, it helps you plan for future moves as well. Here are some helpful hints from local movers:

Heavy items should always be placed on a lift table or other elevated surface. Lifting the entire load will increase the chances of a successful move because you won’t have to bend over to move individual pieces. When it comes to moving heavy furniture with straps, you’ll need a lot of space. Take a list of each heavy item that has to go on the moving truck, and then find out where, and what has to be loaded onto the truck when, to make the job go smoothly.

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Most professional movers recommend using packaging tape for light jobs like heavy furniture. However, when heavy items are involved, using packaging tape is completely useless. Use a heavy duty power staple to hold the tape to the furniture, and wrap the staple with packing tape to help secure the tape in place. The use of packing tape during a move can actually make the job go faster and smoother.

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Most of the time, heavy furniture that’s on a ladder doesn’t follow the stairs. This means you may need to make adjustments to the stairs before lifting heavy furniture. For example, placing the furniture lower than the edge of the stairs can minimize damage to your home’s structure. Lifting heavy furniture that’s on a ladder can also minimize damage to your home’s structure, as well as your own health.

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While there are many people who’d rather leave the job of moving heavy furniture to professional movers, it’s often best to move furniture by yourself. It’s not only safer but it can save you money. Professional movers can charge a lot of money for their services, and you might not have all the money available right now to move all your furniture by yourself. If you’re moving small items like furniture, then you might consider getting packing supplies from the store, or renting a moving straps to help you with the move.

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To help you get started on how to move heavy furniture by yourself, the first thing you need to do is measure the stairs. If you need extra help with this step, you can ask one of your friends or family members for assistance. You should be able to figure out how high the stairs are by measuring the top of each stair, as well as the space between the top of the stairs and the door or window sill that’s on the first floor or higher.

Best One Piece Moves in Rio Pinar, Florida

Once you have your measurements, you should be ready to start measuring down the stairs. For large furniture, you’ll probably want to use a large moving truck, but smaller furniture can be moved with a wheeled cart or even just a large stick. You’ll want to take note of any foot prints on the stairs, so you can calculate how much weight you can expect to need to move the entire staircase.

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After you’ve measured your stairs, you should head up to your local moving supply store or garage sale to begin looking for moving straps and dolly pads. Moving straps and dolly pads are great for taking the weight of large furniture down the stairs, as well as for helping you move small pieces of furniture like a table. Another thing to remember is that if the stairs are narrow, you may want to consider a carpet runner instead of a carpet stair lift. Running your carpet along the stairs will make them easier to move, as well as protect them from the elements.

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