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When it comes to actually planning out how to move heavy furniture, perhaps the most important step is to pre-plan well in advance. In the direction of your move, here are your top most items to prepare when moving heavy furniture around. Plan your route: Plan your route so that you won’t be making a random, unplanned turn as you head out. If you’ve never traveled this way before, it is best to call a professional mover to do the job for you.

Packing Tape: Whether you are packing up your family’s belongings, or you are simply moving some heavy boxes around, using packing tape is essential. It’s cheap and easily available, and will protect fragile glass, or even fragile plastics like PVC piping. This type of tape can also be used for temporary or permanent, depending on its suitability. When shopping for packing tape, make sure it’s made specifically for moving heavy objects, as well as having a strong seal so that it doesn’t break once it’s on your truck.

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Strap Assisted Container: If you want to move heavy furniture by yourself, but don’t want to pay professional movers to do the job, use a strap assisted container. A strap attached to a high quality rope or aluminum bar helps the movers lift and place the furniture into a special container. The straps have eyelets so they can be tightened as you lift, and there are small loops at the base of each strap so that you can tie down the container securely. You can even adjust the width of the straps, so that they can fit against a variety of furniture sizes.

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Lifting Straps: For jobs that involve moving heavy furniture by yourself, you may want to consider using lifting straps. These are often used by professional movers, as they provide more support and comfort than simply lifting with your own arms. Instead of just lifting the item by its legs, the straps handle the action of lifting with a lever. They provide a secure place to hold the item, and the lever allows you to slowly lift the item.

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Stairlift: Although most people have stairs in their home, for some, that doesn’t mean that they can move them by themselves. Fortunately, professional movers offer stairlifts that can easily help someone up the stairs without hurting themselves. Stairlifts are powered by either electricity or gas and either run on battery or on an extension cord. Depending on where you are getting the stairlift, you may even be able to keep the stairlift powered up to assist you as you ascend. This is an especially convenient option for individuals who are not strong enough to move their own stairs but only need assistance to do so. Using a stairlift can make moving heavy furniture a lot safer and easier, and can save you both time and money in the long run.

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Hand Truck: Moving heavy furniture by yourself can be difficult enough without also requiring you to lug around a hand truck. Hand trucks (or dollies) are large dollies that are designed to securely place heavy furniture on the stairs. They can be controlled by hand and come equipped with built-in stabilizers to prevent them from tipping back when the furniture moves.

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Portable Moving Trucks: If you are unable to move heavy furniture by yourself, and would prefer to have professional assistance along for the ride, there are a variety of portable moving trucks available that can help you move your belongings safely and comfortably. Available in a variety of styles, portables provide you with the ability to move your things in one trip, rather than in multiple trips. Many of these models are able to fit in small spaces, making them very convenient for residential or commercial use.

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The best way to move heavy furniture is to hire professional movers to do the work. The price they charge will depend on the weight of your items, and how far they have to travel. If you have bulky items, it can be nearly impossible to move by yourself, and you may want to consider having a professional service to help you out. There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to moving heavy furniture, and if you are unsure about how to proceed, it is best to call in a professional mover to ensure everything goes smoothly. You don’t want to be left with anything less than perfect results, so make sure to do some research before you move heavy furniture by yourself.

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