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Long Distance Moving is not as simple as a local move. Cross state, interstate and international moves need special legal procedures. A move across state lines requires more planning, and even more time. It is important to work with a reputable moving company that will make the move as easy and stress free.

Unlike local or intra-city moves, long distance moving usually falls under federal law for moving things from state to state. Movers who do nationwide moves must have specialized insurance plans to protect both the belongings and the person moving. Moving companies who make nationwide moves are required by law to give you an estimate in writing before they leave, a binding contract when you sign it, and insurance coverage to help make sure that nothing happens to your possessions while in transit. You can usually save money on these costs by working with professional movers who know the ropes when it comes to packing for long distances.

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One important aspect of long distance moves is packing. The wrong things can damage your belongings during transit, making them difficult to retrieve when you finally reach your destination. Professionals pack belongings using the following guidelines to minimize the risk of damage. Heavy items should be boxed up and then placed on a firm, flat surface such as a table. Items that are fragile should be packaged in a way that does not cause them to roll or shake, which could cause breakage.

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You may be surprised at how much money you can actually save by using the internet to help you with packing and removal. Using the internet to plan your move makes it easier for you to research various moving companies, what each company offers and what you can expect from them. You can also compare the moving rates that different companies offer so that you can make an informed decision about your long distance movers. You can read the feedback and reviews of other customers to see what problems they have encountered. Use this information to make an informed choice about the company who will be moving your belongings.

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It can be especially difficult to evaluate the value of your belongings if you plan to sell them after the move. However, most interstate movers offer compensation for damaged belongings. You can call your insurance provider to get more information about what kind of reimbursement you may qualify for and whether or not you already receive any. Your moving company should be able to provide you with a written evaluation or a statement showing all the damages.

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Professional moving services will also be able to give you advice about your packing and how to minimize the chances of damage during the move. They may even suggest alternative options to address some packing concerns. You can let us pack your possessions in one of our local office locations or by our preferred methods of packaging. Let us pack your belongings in our own offices and let us assist you with your long distance move.

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Professional moving services for long-distance moves will ensure that all of your personal and office property is transported in the proper manner. They will not transport your fragile items in vans without refrigeration and/or cold storage. Professional movers will only use full-service packing methods to pack your belongings. This means that full-service moving services will pack your possessions, load them in accordance with your instructions, transport them according to the directions of the packing slips, store them at a secure location until the time of your move and then securely store them at another location. Proper packaging is one of the few ways to reduce the chances of damage during the interstate move.

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Professional moving services for long-distance moves are designed to ensure that your belongings are properly packed, discharged on the same day, and correctly insured. Insurance coverage is required for all moving and packing companies and must be arranged in advance of your move. Professional movers will perform an inventory of your belongings prior to moving day and will arrange transportation of the large items. They will also assist you in loading trucks to carry your belongings to your new destination and in locating any damaged boxes or furniture that needs to be repaired before loading into your truck.

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