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Local movers are a great way to move just about anything. Whether it’s house furniture cars, or furniture and other items, moving companies are able to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. There are, however, some reasons to move locally that aren’t just economic. Here are the top four reasons to consider moving your belongings.

o Easy Value. Many local movers offer a value guarantee. This means that if the moving company or warehouse doesn’t deliver or undress your belongings in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll get a full refund. This is especially valuable for those who are unsure about how much they can move and need a ballpark figure. A local mover will almost always have a staff of trained workers who know how to pack boxes, sort out damaged or missing belongings, and use other valuable tools to create a value that you can depend on. A good moving company will also use the proper packing materials and use their machinery to pack boxes correctly to ensure there is no damage during the transportation.

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o Price. While it may seem affordable to hire a local mover to complete an interstate or nationwide move, you may want to think again. The cost of using a local mover will almost always be higher than simply hiring truck rental for an international move. This is because the freight costs involved for international moves are so high, insurance for the mover per hour is nearly non-existent, and they may bill their customers for hours they didn’t even spend loading or unloading the truck.

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o State Lines. There are two types of interstate relocations: inter-city and intrastate. An inter-city move is when a person moves from one city within a state to another city within the same state. Intrastate relocations are when people move between states. An example of this might be a person moving from a city within the state of Texas to a city within the state of California.

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o Double-Drive Time. Most moving companies offer a standard moving estimate of two or three days. But many of them charge extra for double-drive time, which refers to the extra time needed to load and unload the truck. Many movers charge double-drive time even for just a single trip, regardless of the distance between cities. This is especially true for larger moving companies, which have several trucks on the road at once.

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o Additional Costs. Most moving companies charge additional costs for insurance, licensing, inspections, and even fuel for the trucks used to make an interstate move. These costs vary depending on the moving company. Some charge a flat rate for all types of interstate moving, while others charge differently for specific states. Check with your local state lines to determine what rates apply to your area.

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No Additional Charges for Truck Loads. Some moving companies charge more for truck loads, because they have to pay for their own equipment and insurance. Make sure that you get an accurate figure for truck load fees from your local movers company.

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There are a few more local moving expenses that most people don’t consider until after the move is complete and the bill for their service arrives. But these charges can be significant, so it’s a good idea to do some research before booking your service with a moving company. A simple check of your local building department, or even with a quick call to your state lines, should give you an accurate picture of what your new moving company will cost you.

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