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Local movers are a great way to move across town or across the country. The costs of moving are often much less than moving across the country. Local movers have their own trucks and are not associated with a big moving company that could potentially jack up your costs. It is important that you research local movers before choosing one so that you receive fair pricing for moving materials. Here are five reasons to choose a local moving company for your next move.

No Interstate Moves: Moving across the country can be a hassle and time consuming. There are so many things to do in order to get from point A to point B. A local mover’s service is much easier to work with because they have their own trucks and crews that will bring all of your moving materials to your new home. On average, moving companies estimate that local movers will cost between twenty-five and fifty dollars per truck-trailer combination.

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Agreeing Dates: Having your shipment delivered on agreed dates can save you money. Local movers will agree to move your shipment by the agreed date if that is what you want. They may offer to do this at no additional cost or at a discounted rate if you ask. This option allows them to make their money back faster and may also save you money if your shipment does not arrive on the agreed date. This is a great reason to choose a mover with flexible moving guidelines.

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Storage: Sometimes a shipment does not arrive where it is supposed to and your mover has no choice but to store it. They can warehouse your belongings for you for a while or pick up your shipment when it does arrive. Depending on the type of storage facility offered by your mover, this could take anywhere from two to five weeks. Your mover will advise you as to which type of storage you should be dealing with. Some offer climate controlled, humidity controlled or even dry storage. Climate controlled storage occurs during the cooler months and allows for the items to remain safe from moisture damage.

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Move With or Without Insurance: Insurance is a must when you are moving items this large. You may also need to have your belongings covered if you are storing them for an extended period of time such as at your friend’s house. If you are simply renting a space and are confident that you will not be storing anything valuable for an extended period of time, you can usually move without insurance through most movers.

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Liability Protection: Many of these types of businesses to offer coverage for damage that is done to your property. You should make sure you know what this includes and whether or not your coverage includes any items that are yours or your friend’s property. If you are unsure as to whether or not you will need this type of coverage, you should inquire about it before you move. Be aware that a liability policy can be quite expensive. A mover may be willing to work with you on this issue if it is important to you.

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Estimates: Estimations should always be free of charge. A local mover will generally give you a quote prior to moving. This will include the charges for removal, packing, and transportation. If you agree to this estimate, it does not mean that you have agreed to pay for additional charges such as packing, transportation, and damage repair. As a matter of fact, you may not even have to pay for this particular estimate.

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Final Charges Due: One of the best ways for you to protect yourself from hidden or unnecessary charges is to ask your mover for a written estimate of their charges prior to the shipment date. The mover should also provide you with this estimate at the time that the shipment is cleared for delivery. This is important because you will know what you will ultimately be charged for. You should request at this point that your mover provide you with receipts or invoices for all final charges due during the move.

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