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Many people want to move across the country, and a local move is often easier and cheaper than an international move. But what about moving across the country by air? Not everyone knows how to prepare for a move across the country. But there are several things you should know if you do plan to move across the country by air. The most important thing you should know is what the labor movers will charge. The following information should help you decide if moving across the country by air is right for you:

Labor rates vary greatly among moving companies. Find out how much they charge per hour of service, and also find out what kind of rate they charge for different services. Know if your moving company includes loading and unloading, lift heavy furniture movers, or simply provides it. Be wary of any company that bills hourly rates for moving truck services, as they may quote one price for all moving tasks, then bill you a different fee for each separate task. The best moving companies offer many different hourly rates.

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Do you need specialized tools or supplies when you move across the country by air? Air freight services are available for a variety of items. If you have special equipment or devices or need supplies such as a wheelchair ramp, enlist the help of a professional moving company. Many moving companies offer special arrangements for professionals who travel, such as loading and unloading ramps. Ask your moving company which options they offer for your unique needs.

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Move over, trucking companies. Instead of loading and unloading your belongings on your personal truck, hire a moving company to do all the work for you. Moving companies can load and unload your belongings as you use a facility, saving you time and gas money.

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What happens if you are not able to move in a single smooth move? Don’t put your hopes up for a full load. Ask your moving company if they offer a rapid response plan, in case your move is interrupted for some reason. In the event that your company is unable to provide a full rapid response, many labor movers will move your furniture to a local loading and unloading location, saving you time and gas money.

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Ask about packing techniques. How will the movers pack your belongings if you are unable to do so yourself? Labor movers will either pack your belongings on their own, or you can arrange to have them pack everything for you. Make sure that you know what type of packing techniques the moving company uses before hiring them. Ask how long it will take to complete your move.

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Will my belongings be stored overnight, and if so, how will they be moved? Some moving companies offer their customers options such as storing the items at their facility or having them stored on-site. If is not offered by the moving company, ask if you can have your items moved at your home instead.

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Finally, ask for a free price quote before hiring a moving company. There are several reputable moving companies out there that don’t want to leave their customers high and dry. A simple phone call to a reliable moving company’s customer service center should result in an answer. Be sure to get a few price quotes, and base your decision upon the best price. Contact several moving companies, compare their rates and services.

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