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When you are relocating to a new home or office, you need to be prepared by having a gun safe and firearms in the car, for both personal safety and also legal considerations. Gun safes can be extremely dangerous if mishandled. Here are some tips for gun-safe moving.

What is a gun safe moving company? For ground floor to ceiling safe moves, get a minimum gun safe moving speed. The size, weight, extra steps or stairs, and longer distance moves will all increase the price accordingly. additional steps and stairs, as well as unbolting/wrapping/boxing your safe will all add to the price. Gun safe movers will make this job as easy and painless as possible. Some gun safe moving services include securing the base of the safe using double or triple staking deep slits made of rebar and concrete, securing the base with hydraulic padlock, and then transporting the safe to your new location.

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If you are looking for additional steps to gun safe moving, you can always go the extra mile and ask gun safe moving services to use Additional Stairs or Additional Floors to help you with the move. Most movers will gladly do this for an additional fee, but ask first. Some companies charge extra because they know that people who have disabilities or limited mobility might not be able to maneuver on ground floors. They might need wheelchairs or other assistance to navigate up and down stairs. Ask for a quote on how much they will charge. Many companies have plans for additional steps at your convenience.

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If you do not have to move with the company, they may offer services. Gun safes can be very fragile and difficult to handle. It is best to leave it in the care of movers. They have special facilities to store firearms that are difficult to transport or move. This is a very good idea to ensure that your gun is stored securely. The additional charges might be worth the peace of mind.

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For extra peace of mind, ask about gun safe locks and deadbolt protection. Both of these will protect your firearm should it be lost or stolen. A professional company will offer a free consultation to explain how each lock type works and what additional steps will be taken should keys be provided. They can also provide additional details for those extra precautions.

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Ask about other steps to securing your gun. Ask if they will install a gun safe alarm, video camera, or other devices to further secure your gun. This adds additional protection against potential thieves. They can also tell you how many additional steps will be taken should keys be given to the provider.

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Ask how safe their guns are. Are the safes designed to resist crushing, breaking and leaking? Make sure they can keep your guns well maintained, too. Proper is important. The best will be one that can hold corrosion and mold without degrading the metal.

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Find a trusted company that can provide extra measures to secure your guns. It makes sense to secure them for the long term and reduce the likelihood of theft. There are also ways to protect your additional purchases, like gold bullion and other valuable items. Ask these kinds of questions to help you make the best decision.

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