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Gun safe/gun cabinets are used to keep guns secured while they are not in use. Some gun safes are built with locks while others use simple locks on the outside of the space. It is important to move a gun safely because it can cause damage if not put in a secure location. Gun safe/gun cabinets that use locks are more secure than other types of space.

Gun cabinet/gun safe moving services can be called in as part of a full-service move. There are several steps involved in moving the gun safely and securely. If you require additional steps to move the gun to your new home, your Gun Safe Moving Service will work with you to get the extra help needed. Additional steps to take when moving guns: -If you are unable to move the gun by yourself, you may call in Gun Safe Moving Service. They will advise you how to transport your gun safely.

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-For the top floor gun safe moving services, they will use an additional gear-lift truck to transport the guns. The top floor is generally located on the second floor of the two-story home. They will have someone on the second floor with a crane to move the guns from the first floor to the second floor.

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-You can also call a professional Gun Safe Mover for the installation of gun cabinets, if desired. How to move a gun safe through cabinets: -A pair of gun cabinets are fitted with sturdy metal doors. They are set on end and open to reveal a special hoist that is attached to the gun cabinet. The hoist is used to lower the cabinet to the ground floor using cables. This method prevents damage to furniture when you move the gun.

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-The cabinets open normally using a hinge. A flat surface is provided on the top for placement of the hinge. A set of gun sights is also installed on the top of the cabinets. These sights will be mounted on the walls of the gun cabinets. The hoist is used to lift the gun from the cabinets to the ground floor. The sights are then mounted on the wall of the new location to locate where the trigger should be pulled to release the gun.

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-Movable gun cabinets are an alternative to the conventional gun cabinets. The cabinets are mobile and can be moved to a different location for or other reasons. A flat surface is provided for the installation of the latch system on the cabinets. A set of gun safes is placed in front of the latch system to secure your handgun.

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If a flat surface is not provided, you can opt for a safe which is manually opened and closed. Manual safes usually have a cylinder and a series of keys. To arm the safe, the keys are inserted in a slot and the cylinder is released. To disarm the safe, the key is inserted into the slot and the locking mechanism closes. The combination codes are entered in the keypad and the safe opens. The guns are then stored inside the safe.

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If you are relocating your guns from one location to another, you can choose the portable type of safe. These portable types of gun cabinets can be easily moved from place to place. A flat surface is not required for installation. You can even fold the arms and the cabinets until you get to the location where you want to keep the guns. Then you can close the arms and cabinets. Once the guns are in the location, they can be loaded and fired as usual.

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