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Are you thinking of hiring professional movers to move your gun safe? Gun safes can be rather heavy and thus it is important that you know how to move a gun safe. You want to make sure that they are transported securely so they will be protected from any type of damage or mishap. Here are some gun safe moving tips that you can follow.

A gun safe is often much heavier than other moving devices such as dollies, furniture, and even regular wheeled luggage. If you have chosen to use professionals for the job, then make sure you let them know exactly how heavy the safe is. You do not want to have to do any extra work or burden yourself with additional weights and have them transport it for you. Find out what the safe’s maximum weight limit is so you don’t have to worry about your safe while it is being moved.

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Before the movers start their job, check to see if there are any restrictions or laws governing how guns are to be transported. It is common for states to have various restrictions when it comes to how a gun can be transported, so make sure you check with the professionals you plan on hiring. There may be specific restrictions on how the gun can be transported or it may be restricted altogether. The more information you have up front, the better prepared you will be once everything is in place.

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Do you know how to arm a gun safely? If not, there are plenty of licensed movers in your area that can let you know what the proper procedures are so you don’t end up in a dangerous situation. If you do not know how to arm a gun safely, then do some research online so you can educate yourself and protect yourself.

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What materials should a gun safe moving complete be made out of? As far as the material goes, it should be made out of a high density plastic such as acrylic. This type of material is strong enough to withstand the weight of a gun as well as maintain the safety of those around it. A gun safe should be secured with at least two points to help keep the gun safe from accidental firing.

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What tools and equipment do the movers use? Before the movers get started on the move, they will need to unload your gun to check for any dents, cracks, or missing parts. They will also need to break down the case in order to look for bullets or ammunition. They will need to check the bolt of the gun to ensure that it is tight and secure.

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How long does it take to transport a gun? Depending on how large the gun is and how many pieces it has, the moving service will tell you how long it will take. In general, it will depend on how large the gun is as well as how many times it can be unloaded and put back together. It also depends on how fast the movers can move your gun from point A to point B.

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How much does it cost to ship a gun safe moving? The cost of shipping depends on several factors. Different shipping companies will charge different amounts. To find out what the going rate is for the specific type of gun safe moving, contact a local moving company in your area.

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