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Gun safes have been a staple for home and business security systems for decades. However, gun owners are constantly concerned about what happens to their prized possessions when they leave the property. In an ideal world, every gun owner would have their gun with them at all times. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. So, what is the best solution to gun safety when moving from one location to another?

For ground floor to ceiling residential moves, typical ground floor gun safe moving service charges range from ten to twenty dollars per hour. Additional steps, size, weight or stairs, and lengthy travel distances will also increase the overall cost accordingly. If you have security measures in place at your new location, you might consider hiring an additional licensed mover for this process.

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The bottom line is that gun safe movers provide security and convenience to their clients while also preventing theft. There are various ways to transport guns safely. This includes carrying the firearm on a dolly, behind a pickup truck, or on a flatbed semi tractor. There are many options available for secure transportation. A professional licensed gun safe moving service will provide these additional steps to keep firearms safe.

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Once the gun is at the facility, it will need to undergo additional steps to be transferred to its destination. First, the company will open the gun case and verify the gun is unloaded, dry-fired, and safe. They will also take the appropriate paperwork from you and return it to you complete with the appropriate license.

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It is important to thoroughly research any gun safe facility prior to selecting one to move your firearm. Make sure they have a license to operate, they have adequate security, they use high-quality padlocks and other measures to ensure the gun is secure. Finally, ask any questions you may have to ensure they provide adequate training for their employees. Ultimately, choosing a gun safe moving company to safely transport and store your firearm is one of the best decisions you can make.

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