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Furniture moving can be a messy, time-consuming process that leaves many people looking for professional moving assistance. This can be especially true if you are moving to a place that is not close to your current home or place of employment. Whether you are moving yourself or using a local moving company, there are a few important things you should know in advance. Furniture moving takes time. Here are some Furniture Moving Tips to keep in mind:

Time. Time is probably the single biggest cost consideration for most furniture moving services. Some movers charge by the job, and others by the hour. In either instance, the amount of time taken to complete a project will add to the total price. As you plan your move, remember this cost factor carefully.

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Loading trucks. For large items that you will be carrying around in your truck, consider getting a set of moving furniture sliders. These nifty gadgets allow you to slide your furniture effortlessly along the bottom of your truck bed into the area where it will be moved to. They save you time because they don’t require you to drive the truck into the loading area. Furniture moving companies use these instead.

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Shrink wrap. One of the major challenges of moving heavy furniture or extremely heavy boxes is packing them. Many movers recommend using shrink wrap to protect the items in your moving box and the items in the truck itself. It’s best to rent several shrink wrap boxes from your moving company, so that you have them on hand, should the need arise.

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Furniture blankets. Another recommended way to pack your belongings when you are moving furniture is with furniture blankets. This is a wonderful idea for someone who has to travel a long distance to get to their new home. Furniture blankets to help keep things cool during travel time. It can even be fun, depending on the event, to make packing for a move with a blanket or two a family activity.

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Furniture pads. Moving day can mean many sleepless nights for movers. Some people enjoy taking advantage of those sleepless nights by using several small pieces of Styrofoam, packing them completely and then placing those Styrofoam pieces in a large plastic trash bag. Other people find that using furniture pads can help them get the most out of their moves.

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Moving heavy items. For larger items, like a sofa or dining room table, moving heavy items is often necessary. If a sofa or dining table is large enough and weighs enough, it is often possible to move it by yourself. However, if the sofa or table is just too heavy, it is best to leave it to professionals as even the heaviest sofa will probably not be moved alone in its own box.

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Hiring movers is an easy option for people who simply don’t feel comfortable moving large furniture items on their own. The experts at local movers will know what steps are necessary to ensure safety, and they will also have tools and equipment designed to move any kind of furniture safely. With careful planning, hiring a professional moving company to move your things is the best way to make sure that your move is painless.

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