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Furniture moving services are a good way to go about relocating your office or home. There is a great deal of stress that is put on just moving a single piece of furniture from one location to another. Furniture moving companies offer a safe, reliable way to have your stuff moved without putting it through the stresses of the move itself. There are many factors to keep in mind when you are going about furniture moving and choosing a moving company. Here are a few basic furniture moving tips that can help anyone with their next move.

Choose the Right Furniture Moving Company – Pick a moving company that has experience in moving large pieces of furniture across the state or counties. Make sure they use professional grade furniture moving equipment. When you are moving a dresser, chest of drawers, or any other large piece of furniture, extra precautions need to be taken. You don’t want pieces of wood or carpet to be chipped or damaged during the move. Furniture moving companies have special equipment to protect your items so they don’t end up with scratches or denting while they are being moved. You want to choose a moving company that uses quality moving equipment when packing your things to ensure they are protected during the move.

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Furniture Moving Tips – Furniture movers will give you specific instructions on how to pack your office furniture for the move. The movers will determine how many furniture pieces you will need to transport. They can quote you a price based on the number of items you need to move. Furniture movers will also give you specific guidelines to follow during the move so you don’t damage any items along the way.

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Furniture Moving Tips – For heavier items, such as desks or chairs, professional movers will provide the proper furniture padding. This is a protective cover that protects the legs of the furniture piece from damage during transportation. Furniture padding also gives the piece extra comfort so you aren’t likely to strain while moving it. If you are providing heavy items like cabinets, consider purchasing furniture padding to protect them.

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Furniture Moving Tips – If you are using small items like books or documents, consider providing a piece of paper with the bottom torn out so it can be folded safely when it arrives at your new location. This is the best way to protect an item across the country. Also, placing a small piece of tape with your name, phone number and new address on the bottom will help the movers know where to return your belongings. It’s always best to call and verify that the company has your new address before mailing your belongings. This may be difficult for some people because they might forget their mail address but it is best to keep your address current.

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Furniture Moving Tips – Using moving blankets and furniture moving pads is a good idea if you are moving very small or light furniture. Furniture moving blankets are great because they can absorb all of the movement that occurs during the move. Furniture moving pads are used when you are moving larger or thicker furniture. These pads are usually covered with fabric, vinyl or any other type of foam. This can make the item feel just a bit less heavy when it arrives at your new location but make sure to use these items sparingly because they can damage your furniture.

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Furniture Moving Tips – Always check with the movers you hired for their recommendations for padding. Some mover companies will only suggest heavy duty moving blankets for most items. The only way to find out what they recommend for your furniture type is to ask the moving truck rental company you hired to give you a recommendation or to ask your moving supplies supplier.

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Furniture Moving Tips – When you hire furniture movers to help with your move it is always a good idea to take a few minutes to learn about their services. Some of the smaller movers may not offer as much customer service as the larger or more reputable companies. Ask the movers you contact if they have a list of happy past customers and if they can give you a testimonial for them. Also ask the larger moving companies if there are any guarantees or warranties on their work. You want to be sure that nothing is going to happen to your possessions while you’re moving.

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