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How to move a dresser: One of the most important considerations when hiring a moving company is how to move a dresser. This is one piece of furniture that many people cannot move alone, requiring at least two people to help. Even with two or more help members, the dresser can still be very heavy. So, how to move a dresser safely? Here are some tips.

* Before you move furniture, make sure you have a dolly of at least 600mm deep. The length of the dolly will depend on how many heavy items you need to move. In addition, the depth of the dolly will also affect how much of the dresser is under your supervision.

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* Plan your move carefully. It is a good idea to think about the route that you plan to take while packing up your belongings. It would be a good idea to mark out the route so that you know where to place certain things. For instance, do not place valuable rugs or other large items in the stairwell or near a door. If you need to move your dresser, it is best to move it using a dolly so that it is out of the way.

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* Do not move furniture through a doorway if you are carrying a heavy couch. Though you may be able to lift the heavy sofa by a few inches, the bottom of it will be pressing against the doorway. This may even cause damage to your walls or floors. For heavier couches, consider having a friend lift the couch or moving it on a dolly.

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* Consult with professional moving experts. Even though you may have friends who have had some experience with moving their belongings, you should also consider consulting with professional furniture movers. These movers have experience handling various kinds of cases such as yours. They can recommend ways to ensure that your possessions will not be damaged or lost while being moved.

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* Ask for help. Furniture moving services do not just do heavy items alone. They will also provide support when you need it. It is important that you ask for help because many movers will not be knowledgeable enough about heavy items or about the processes involved in moving furniture safely.

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* Make sure that you trust the moving company. While there are many moving companies that are trustworthy, it is also a good idea to check whether the company you are planning to use is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Companies that have a reputation of providing quality moving services are those that you can trust. You can contact the bureau through its website or through a toll-free phone number.

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* Invest in moving blankets. If you are considering hiring movers to help you move furniture, you may want to invest in some moving blankets. Blankets are essential not only during transportation but also when it comes time to unpack and assemble your belongings. This is because the process of moving your belongings can often be very messy, and a moving blanket can make the process easier and more convenient. Therefore, it may make more sense to buy moving blankets rather than spending money on other types of moving supplies.

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