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Most people are aware of the labor costs involved in putting together furniture pieces. The question many have is how much labor actually costs. Is it more expensive to assemble an ordinary chair than it is to assemble a dresser? The answer is no and yes. Understanding the differences in these two situations can help you decide if your choice of furniture assembly service is worth the investment.

The typical scenario for a person putting together a new piece of furniture is that they first purchase the materials needed to complete the furniture. They then find an appropriate space for their furniture. They then begin to assemble the pieces of furniture in this space by following instructions provided by the dealer. For example, if the dresser is assembled, the individual would first measure the length and width of the dresser. Then, they would take the measurements of the entire bed frame together with the legs to the width and length of the dresser and so on. Then the individual would place all of the pieces of furniture together making sure that they are lined up properly and securely.

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A person may think that if they purchase the pieces of furniture at the same time, the total cost of furniture assembly will be lower. This is not true. Depending on the pieces that are being put together, the price can go up considerably. Another reason why the price of furniture assembly is higher is because most furniture dealers charge a fee for putting together the bed frame, and then another fee for putting together the other parts of the furniture together. Since these additional fees total more money than the cost of putting together the dresser, the individual will end up paying significantly more for their furniture.

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If the person is going to hire a furniture assembler to put together their furniture, they should make sure that they understand all of the costs associated with the process. Some of these include the fee that the assembler will be charging. This fee can often be a couple of hundred dollars depending on the amount of pieces that are going to be put together. The individual should also understand the amount of time that it will take the assembler to assemble the bedroom dresser for them.

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The company is proud to be a local service because it helps us offer the best value and service. Our team can keep our costs down, we complete moves extremely quickly, and with our familiar faces, you can also be sure you are in the safest hands. Most of the moves we undertake are local. However, we can also move Orlo Vista, FL residents and businesses to any part of the country. Our long distance move service is fast, safe and efficient. Let us know where you are going, and we will provide a fair quote that delivers great value.

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If you’re moving home and need to move large pieces of furniture, it can make the process much easier if they are taken apart first. Many items of furniture can be safely dismantled and reassembled with no ill effects, which will make the moving process much easier for you. If your bed or wardrobe was built within the room and therefore won’t fit through the door, dismantling it will ensure that you don’t have to leave it behind.

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